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We are located in the heartland of Minnesota. Our company has a line of children’s books, non-fiction books, and now look for our latest title,
Gift from the Garden by award-winning author Bernie DuBois

Our small size allows us to be passionate about every book we bring to the world, with some books now in four languages.

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gift from the garden book cover

In this graceful, poignant book, DuBois shares her musings on belonging and community; healing and nurturing; and building a vision that works for each woman’s life.

game over book cover

A timely novel filled with crime, politics, romance, and addiction, here the intriguing, rich stories of Debbie Wood and Craig Two Horses collide in a modern-day casino.

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disc golf book cover

This handy reference provides techniques for mastering disc golf. Equipment and throwing techniques are detailed. Cleverly done illustrations, tips, and photographs depict various grips and stances of the game.

the prairie spy book cover

This collection brings together the best of Alan Lindy’s “The Prairie Spy” columns, which he has been writing for more than 25 years. The columns bring colorful characters to life and draw upon his life experiences in New York Mills, Minnesota.

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impatient pamela calls 911 book cover

Children are provided with an engaging role model as Pamela and her loyal cat Meow-Man figure out how to stay calm on the phone during a crisis and follow instructions until help arrives.

impatient pamela learns to call 911 book cover

A fabulous teaching aid that walks children through learning about emergencies. Includes a letter to parents and teachers, what is a true emergency, when it is appropriate to call, and who will come to your home.

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impatient pamela learns about germs book cover

Impatient Pamela Learns About Germs is the latest in the national award-winning series, and serves as a fun and educational tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers, reassuring children about their own ability to fight off germs and stay healthy.

impatient pamela learns about germs spanish book cover

Este entretenido cuento sobre el popular personaje Pamela la Impaciente ayuda a los niños a descubrir cómo los hábitos saludables los pueden proteger de enfermedades.

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where are you color book cover

This luminous collection of striking illustrations and accompanying rhyming text teaches children how to locate and appreciate the remarkable variety of colors in the natural world.

grandpa what's that sound book cover

In this delightfully illustrated picture book, two curious and courageous children seek out the source of a sound in the night. Along their journey of imagination they meet fanciful creatures.

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