gift from the garden book cover

Gift from the Garden

Much like Anne Morrow Lindberg’s Gift from the Sea, Bernie DuBois applies a gentle approach to the changes and phases that happen in a woman’s life, and she compares these stages to plants in Gift from the Garden.

In this graceful, poignant book, DuBois shares her musings on belonging and community; healing and nurturing; and building a vision that works for each woman’s life.

Drawing inspiration from her garden, her anecdotes are filled with humor and compassion for women’s dilemmas. Having been a college teacher and administrator, Bernie Dubois brings a wise and insightful approach to the way women are constantly changing and growing in today’s frenzied society. Her writing is both restorative and inspirational, no matter the reader’s life stage.

Chosen as a Midwest Favorite by the Midwest Independent Bookseller’s Association.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-26-8  Author: Bernie DuBois, $12.95 

game over book cover

Game Over

Winner of the Independent Publisher Awards (IPPY) bronze medal for best adult fiction e-book, Arizona’s Author Association first prize in Adult Fiction.

A timely novel filled with crime, politics, romance, and addiction, here the intriguing, rich stories of Debbie Wood and Craig Two Horses collide in a modern-day casino. The former is a woman pitted against incredible odds, struggling to overcome her problems and take care of her children; the latter is a Native American man searching for his role in his tribe and the balance of tribal sovereignty. Jam-packed with a perfect blend of facts, accurate details, and fascinating characters, this story reveals the controversial lives and struggles of those with gambling problem.

Bernie DuBois has written a startlingly good first novel that has all the compelling elements readers need to keep them up all night, turning pages to the smashing finale. I highly recommend this novel to those who love a good mystery thriller and with topical social issues and of course, romance. You won’t be disappointed!      -Jean Cole, Executive Editor, Hometown Focus, alternative weekly newspaper, Virginia, MN

ISBN: 978-1-930650-12-1 Author: Bernie DuBois, $14.95

disc golf book cover

Disc Golf

This handy reference provides techniques for mastering disc golf. Equipment and throwing techniques are detailed. Cleverly done illustrations, tips, and photographs depict various grips and stances of the game. 

ISBN: 978-1-930650-18-3 Author: Michael Gregory, $9.95

The Prairie Spy

Winner, bronze medal Midwest

This collection brings together the best of Alan Lindy’s “The Prairie Spy” columns, which he has been writing for more than 25 years. The columns bring colorful characters to life and draw upon his life experiences in New York Mills, Minnesota, ranging from hilarious dialogs with talking appliances to poignant tales of his time in Vietnam. With his unique Midwestern style, Lindy’s vision has been described as the perfect blend of Alfred Hitchcock and Garrison Keillor.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-40-4 Author: Linda, Alan “Lindy” $12.95

impatient pamela calls 911 book cover

Impatient Pamela Calls 9-1-1

Displaying bravery and quick thinking, Pamela rises to the occasion again when she helps save her friend Martin after learning to call 9-1-1 in an emergency. Children are provided with an engaging role model as Pamela and her loyal cat Meow-Man figure out how to stay calm on the phone during a crisis and follow instructions until help arrives. This updated edition features a more multicultural approach in which children learn an inclusive view of the many people who can help them in difficult situations.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-09-1 Author: Koski, Mary, $14.95

impatient pamela calls 911 book cover

Impatient Pamela says: Learn How to Call 9-1-1

A fabulous teaching aid that walks children through learning about emergencies. Includes a letter to parents and teachers, what is a true emergency, when it is appropriate to call, and who will come to your home.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-05-3 Author: Koski, $2.50

impatient pamela learns about germs book cover

Impatient Pamela Learns About Germs

Impatient Pamela’s new adventure finds her afraid of germs until she discovers how simple things like washing her hands can help keep her safe and healthy. With her new understanding, she is free to travel the world and visit her pen pal. Pamela’s cat Meow-Man, a well-loved character in each Impatient Pamela story, appears on every page.

Impatient Pamela Learns About Germs is the latest in the national award-winning series, and serves as a fun and educational tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers, reassuring children about their own ability to fight off germs and stay healthy.

What better gift to give our children than the lifelong gift of better health? Thank you, Pamela, for showing children and reminding adults how easily they can make their world safer and less scary, and for giving us all one less thing to worry about.”—from the foreword by Dr. Danielle C. Landis, world-renowned public health expert

ISBN: 978-1-930650-25-1 Author: Overland, Sarah Illustrator: Aaron Conway: $7.95

Pamela la Impaciente y los Microbios

Este entretenido cuento sobre el popular personaje Pamela la Impaciente ayuda a los niños a descubrir cómo los hábitos saludables los pueden proteger de enfermedades. Esta nueva aventura de la galardonada colección muestra a Pamela teniéndole miedo a los gérmenes hasta que descubre que cosas tan simples como lavarse las manos pueden ayudarla a mantenerse saludable y libre de microbios. Con su nuevo conocimiento, tiene la confianza suficiente para viajar a visitar a su amigo por correspondencia. Con un prólogo escrito por un experto en la salud pública renombrado a nivel mundial, el cuento sirve como una herramienta divertida y didáctica para los padres, educadores y cuidadores para asegurar a los niños de que son capaces de combatir los gérmenes y mantenerse sanos.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-39-8 Author: Overland, Sarah Illustrator: Aaron Conway: $7.95


where are you color book cover

Color, Color, Where Are You, Color?

This luminous collection of striking illustrations and accompanying rhyming text teaches children how to locate and appreciate the remarkable variety of colors in the natural world. Each spread provides stunning examples of colorful abundance in nature, highlighting a wide variety of plants and animals. Richly detailed and cleverly written, this work will be a pleasure for adults and children alike.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-35-0 Author: Koski, Mary Illustrator: Janeen Mason $14.95

Grandpa, What's That Sound in The Middle Of The Night?

In this delightfully illustrated picture book, two curious and courageous children seek out the source of a sound in the night. Along their journey of imagination, they meet fanciful creatures—including a herd of hippos, monsters, a flying cow, and more. Even grandpa can’t help them find the answer, as he is unknowingly the one creating the sound with the roar of his own snoring.

ISBN: 978-1-930650-24-4 Author: Singlehurst, Naomi Illustrator: Victoria $14.95